Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you.....and how it changed a man's life..... and hopefully mine!

It started in December in our family. We always try to do a few service projects for those blessed people in our lives. It has been a wonderful tradition that has made the Christmas season a wonderful time in our home, and in our hearts. This past December came a letter for Ashley that is still hanging on the refrigerator today. It was a simple thank you letter that was heartfelt and beautiful. It was a simple, but a very meaningful thank you! Two words that seam so simple, yet can make someone feel so special. At dinner time every night we go around the table and talk about the best thing that happened to us that day. On the day Ashley got this special thank you note, she stated that it was the best thing that had happened to her that day. I thought about that for a few days, and was so thankful to that friend that sent the letter to her. After all it lifted Ashley up, gave her some confidence, and just plain made her feel good about herself.
So I decided I would try to say thank you more often. It started at work with a beautiful 7 yr. old girl who was terrified of the dentist. It took a couple of appointments to get her through what should have taken 1 appointment. However, with some patience and love she finally did it. I sent her a simple thank you note. One week later her mother called and said that she took the note to school for show-and-tell because she was so proud of it. I was in shock! How could a simple thank you note mean so much to someone? Then I sat down on a recent lunch break to read the latest issue of Readers Digest. In the back was a touching story about how those same words....Thank You, changed his life! You should read the story if you have a moment, it's beautiful. But those 2 words helped him see the blessings in his life, when there were so many problems that he was dealing with. And so it is a new year, and a special challenge has been set upon my find the opportunities to say THANK YOU!
Because I have been truly blessed in my life. I want to say THANK YOU to my Heavenly Father for each and every blessing that he has blessed me with. I will find the opportunities to say Thank You whenever possible this year, and hopefully it will change my life also!


Anna Beal said...

What a good reminder. I really do feel grateful for all my blessings and to all the wonderful people around me, but I could definitely say "thank you" more often.

Emily said...

Thank you for the reminder how uplifiting some words can be...

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